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Technical Documents - NYC CD5 Suspended Scaffold Application

NYC CD5 Suspended Scaffold Application

New York City customers or rigging consultants can fill out this form and submit their rigging plans for temporary suspended scaffolding. It is to be approved by NYC Department of Buildings officials and used for the installation of a 2-point suspension scaffold on outrigger beams. It must be submitted by a NYC licensed master rigger or a licensed special rigger.
Download the CD5 form

Suspended Scaffolding Drawings

Drum Hoist
PDF GA1021 - ST-180 9in Drum
PDF GA1022 - ST-180 9in Drum with 2ft Flydecks
PDF GA1023 - ST-180 9in Drum with 3ft Flydecks
PDF GA1026 - ST-17
PDF GA1027 - ST-17 with 2ft Flydecks
PDF GA1028 - ST-17 with 3ft Flydecks
PDF GA1031 - 5/16in Drum Hoist Wire Rope Assy
PDF GA1032 - ST-19A_E Demountable
PDF GA1033 - ST-19A_E Demountable with 2ft Flydecks
PDF GA1034 - ST-19A_E Demountable with 3ft Flydecks

Mod Platform
PDF GA1001 - End Stirrups modular
PDF GA1002 - Single Cantilever modular
PDF GA1003 - Double Cantilever modular
PDF GA1054 - Single Line Kit

PDF GA1004 - Parapet Clamp 9-92
PDF GA1005 - Parapet Clamp 8-0044
PDF GA1006 - Parapet Clamp 702396-1
PDF GA1007 - 5x5 Rolling Gantry
PDF GA1008 - 5x5 Fixed Gantry
PDF GA1009 - 5x5 Outrigger Rolling OBS Frames
PDF GA1010 - 5x5 Outrigger Fixed OBS Frames
PDF GA1011 - 5x5 Simple Support
PDF GA1012 - 5x5 Adjustable Support Stand
PDF GA1013 - Rigging Tieback Parapet Clamp
PDF GA1014 - Rigging Tieback Sling
PDF GA1015 - Rigging Tieback Fist Grips
PDF GA1016 - Rigging Tieback Spider Bolt
PDF GA1017 - Rolling Gantry
PDF GA1018 - Fixed Gantry
PDF GA1019 - Max Reach Kit Adjustable Support Stand
PDF GA1020 - Max Reach Kit Simply Supported
PDF GA1035 - 2-Part Hoist Rope 2000lbs
PDF GA1036 - 2-Part Hoist Rope 3000lbs

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